Our History

n 2004, Waco Mayor Dr. Mae Jackson convened a group of leaders from throughout the area to develop a new vision for the community. That effort was called the Community Visioning Project. The program’s attendees, who reflected the diversity of the community, shared their ideas for how to improve our community. As a result of that dialogue, the following priorities were developed:

  1. Strengthen the Heart of the Community
  2. Increase Economic Opportunities
  3. Engage Leaders
  4. Enhance Life outside the Workplace
  5. Identify Our Distinct Advantage

The Community Visioning Project remains active today, working to promote dialogue and facilitate efforts centered on those 5 priorities.

More specifically, with regard to leadership engagement, Community Visioning Project participants set the following goals:

  1. Identify, recruit, develop, and engage leaders of all ages and from all parts of the area
  2. Develop a proactive attitude and encourage multiple vehicles for civic engagement
  3. Leverage current leaders’ ability to inspire future leaders

With no single, logical champion available to lead the effort, a coalition of community leaders from various sectors were convened. That initial grouping has transitioned over time into the leadership body that serves today.

TATL Steering Box

Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders Team

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