Our Mission

An outgrowth of the Community Visioning Project, Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders (TATL) is a Steering Committee whose mission is to champion the issue of leadership development, preparation and service, to the larger community.

TATL’s Goal:

Provide the planning and programming needed to ensure that Waco has a diverse pool of individuals trained and capable of providing community leadership in the future.

TATL’s Objectives:

  1. Facilitate the creation of a pipeline/pathway for civic leadership and engagement so that individuals interested in public and nonprofit sector volunteer engagement are aware of how they can become involved and receive the support and training necessary for doing so.
  2. Offer leadership programs that are appropriately designed to facilitate true civic leadership skills development and growth.
  3. Encourage widespread community participation and engagement to foster diversity amongst the trainers/facilitators and participant communities.
  4. Engage program graduates in leadership activities in the community by promoting and facilitating the placement of participants to taskforces, boards, commissions or similar venues.