Amy Sattergren

Give an example from real-life, a movie, television, etc. of leadership in action that impressed you?

Normally, I would refer to a real-life example in this type of application, but I saw a movie this past year named Won’t Back Down and it really inspired the way I see leadership and progressive change. The movie is about a passionate parents and teacher duo (Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis) who fight to improve their failing elementary school by trying to expose the inefficiency of school system bureaucracy. What inspired me is that the movement came from one parent and then one teacher, who were awakened to such an injustice and decided to risk everything to fight for what was right. This example impressed me because our society has created so many systems that are inherently flawed, but we also live in a society where people are strong, passionate, and can really make a significant difference in any realm they are passionate about if they have determination and support.

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