Kathryn "Ryn" Farmer

LP-Class-2-7What is your greatest hope for Waco?

We have a significant amount of churches in Waco. I think we have approximately 300 congregations within the city. It is my hope that those churches would join together and put aside their theological and philosophical differences to find unity among each other and reach out to serve those who are hurting and in need in our city. If each of those churches reached out to the surrounding blocks around their physical building, I think true change could occur. As the churches continue to examine their strengths and assets, they need to take advantage of the opportunities available to receive training on how to be strategic in the way that they serve and build relationships with people. A group of churches has been meeting with the intent of collaborating together to serve our city. It is open to all churches in Waco. My hope is that they will continue forward in their efforts. As they examine who they are and what they want to do, I believe it will help address the significant rate of poverty in our city.

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