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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders or the LeadershipPLENTY® Institute?

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1Who is involved with TATL?
TATL is a steering committee of community leaders that reflects the participation and support of the Cooper and Waco Foundations, McLennan Community College, Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, chamber, the Waco Leadership Forum, local chambers of commerce, and more. The committee’s membership is intended to be a reflection of the various sectors involved in Waco’s civic leadership issues.
2How can I engage with TATL?
The Steering Committee regularly assess its composition and nominates current and emerging leaders to participate. If you are interested in being considered for service, please contact Kasey Ashenfelter, Director of Leadership Development and Engagement at Waco Foundation via email or by phone at 254.710.6866.
3Who should I contact to learn more about engaging in TATL?
To facilitate the early work of TATL and the overall vision of civic leadership skills development and engagement, the Waco Foundation provides staff and financial support for the Committee’s initiatives. To learn more about TATL and its efforts, please contact Kasey Ashenfelter Director of Leadership Development and Engagement at Waco Foundation via email or by phone at 254.710.6866.

1How do I get involved with the LeadershipPLENTY® Institute?
Participation in the Institute is open to area residents who have a genuine interest in promoting the community’s development and are willing to commit to volunteering, in some capacity to facilitate that process, regardless of age, experience or education. To apply, simply complete the application.
2Do I need to be nominated to participate?
Individuals interested in being considered simply need to complete an application form. Nomination forms are for the express purpose of recommending someone for the program. Applicants do not have to be nominated to apply. The application form can be found here.
3Do I need to fill out an application form if I have been nominated?
Yes. The nomination form is simply just that. The application form provides the Institute’s administrative staff with a working knowledge of you, your vision for the community and your fields of interest, all of which can be used to better connect you with area service opportunities. Applicants do not have to be nominated to apply. The application form can be found here.
4When will the next round of classes be held?
Institute classes consist of 10 modules which are offered consecutively, over the span of six months. Applications are due in August, after which the Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders selection committee will meet to determine the participants for this year’s class. Selected participants will be notified on or before September 5th. Classes begin the last Tuesday of September and run through the end of February, with a graduation program held each March. Classes are typically held every other week, making allowances for holidays.
5I am interested in classes, but have some schedule conflicts. Can I still participate?
Participants are expected to attend all 10 consecutive sessions to be eligible for graduation. Two excused absences are permitted each term, but must be made up through approved makeup opportunities to fulfill the requirements to receive a certificate of completion. Because absences, late arrivals and early departures impact group dynamics, participants are expended to attend all sessions in their entirety. If you are aware of absences that will hinder your full participation, you are encouraged to postpone applying until a more opportune time.
6Is there a fee for the program?
No, participation in the Institute is free for all participants who are selected to be part of the Institute. Classes are funded and underwritten through a grant from Waco Foundation. There are commitments that participants are expected to make, however.
7What is expected of me if I participate in the Institute?
Institute participants are expected to attend all 10 classes and make a commitment to serve the community in some volunteer capacity after completing their training, if they are not already doing so. Individuals interested solely in acquiring new skills for their own professional development are encouraged to access private sector leadership development offerings.
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